Wildlife themes are wildly in vogue

Wildlife themes are wildly in vogue

There is no alternative to raw, natural, and wild beauty of forests, deserts, and oceans which eternally inspires the artists in every age. For creative and artistic minds, wildlife can never be a source of fear or intimidation, but this pristine world abodes abundance of life and winsomeness. That’s why this wild and natural connection of mankind with forests and animals always blesses the artists with some best man-made creations, especially in the interior and décor sector.

Following the wildlife theme, Casa Exotique introduces a collection of decor figurines in 2019. This collection was a tribute to the incredible beauty of wildlife and its exotic animals. Furniture pieces and bookshelves in this collection were procured from around the world to embellish the living spaces with extra edge, style and rage. Made from the bleach plywood, the beautifully carved bookshelves as wild animals were esoteric in design and exoteric in function, and they were painted in truly bold colours such as brown, black, and natural wood. Their spacious tops and large shelves were indeed the best places to accommodate precious books, unique manuscripts, and classic movies.

On the other hand, animal prints on upholstery have always been one of the hottest trends for home decor & furniture, and it’s always synonymous with luxury and class. Today, the educated and outgoing people are no more interested in interior design themes which have become mundane and uninteresting due to excessive repetitions. Their cognitive and discretionary powers had influenced their discerning abilities, and now they follow their hearts to establish their own trends and styles in a very personalised manner.

This gradual shift in ideology is not only influencing their goals and priorities in life but their overall perspective towards life, even the lifestyle. These liberal bohemians don’t only think differently; they also act and represent themselves very differently. This gradual transformation in their living standards can be easily noticed in their wildly elaborated living spaces.

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