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Ms. Bhawana Bhatnagar

It is not easy to launch and simultaneously run a successful business. Navigating the waters of entrepreneurship is difficult. Successful business leaders had worked diligently and dedicatedly to make their way to the top.

Getting inspired, motivated and learning few crucial lessons from those powerful business minds can be very valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs— especially if it’s your start-up

Bhawana Bhatnagar Founder of Casa Exotique.

Casa Exotique, the interior designed company which has been founded by Bhawana Bhatnagar has redefined luxury and comfort by inculcating new inventive techniques, craftsmanship and cosmopolitan spirit of its founder in its style of working. Ms. Bhawana Bhatnagar is an epitome of creativity who is very much involved in artistic and musical activities whenever she is not busy in her business but Casa Exotique is certainly one more way of transforming her creativity into reality.

Ms. Bhawana Bhatnagar has completed her Management program in international business from IIFT and her firm is now known as one of the leading interior design firms of India, especially Delhi-NCR. The passionate and highly qualified team of Casa Exotique, which includes interior designers, project managers, architects and graphic designers, has changed the way of interior designing as it used to be done for more than a decade.

Bhawana Bhatnagar Founder of Casa Exotique has provided exceptional experiences to its clients whether Indian or international by providing comprehensive services and has set new benchmarks in the industry which will be very difficult for others to follow. Website –