Bed Room

Luxury Bedroom Interior Design In

Gurgaon & Delhi, NCR

Bedroom, of course is the eventual resort where one finally lands after ending an uphill battle with the tiresome day. A place that gives bliss to your distressed soul, a hideout where you finally find peace! The layout, design and decor of such a space take into account a number of factors. Creating a perfect backdrop is most important of all.

Bedrooms, unlike living rooms are more personal and particular and hence they deserve special endeavors. Different individuals want their hideouts to reflect their persona in every way.

A normal bedroom has an enclosed layout flanked by glass windows on one or both sides. Other than this, some condominiums are reported to have loft style bedrooms. Regardless of layout, the best option is to design a bedroom around one or more focal points. Most bedrooms incorporate seating furniture apart from the bed.

Furniture pieces like bed and wardrobes may differ in grades of wood. Other options for wardrobes are melamine, Raw MDF and Polyurethane.. For sheets, duvet covers, comforters and cushions, fabric may vary from soft cotton to linen.

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