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Overseas Procurement

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overseas procurement Gurgaon

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overseas procurement Gurgaon

As interior design specialists, we know that the process of building a space is lengthier and more intricate than most people realise. There are several steps to the design process. The first half of the design is more artistic, and the second section is more ‘functional.’ So, once the design is completed, shown to the client, and approved, the actual procurement of all components begins. This is a highly intense and critical stage of the design process, and it is frequently fraught with barriers and challenges. However, we are here to make sure that this procedure goes as smoothly as possible for you. Our staff at CasaExotique will ensure that the highest level of quality is delivered in the shortest period of time possible while eliminating stress for you. We spend a lot of time researching and sourcing items, then tendering and negotiating with suppliers to have the correct supplies on-site at the right time.

Being procurement expert, we not only transcribe clients’ imaginations in our luxury interior designs; we also help them interact with the dream weavers in their resplendent ateliers. We source exotic and remarkable articles from all over the globe that pique the interest of even the most seasoned connoisseurs. While they luxuriate in exploring overseas markets, we ensure that every detail is taken care of, from the selection of only the most exquisite products, to their smooth delivery.

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Hassle-Free Execution

So far, Casa Exotique has successfully completed more than two dozen turnkey projects for various HNI customers. Bhawana’s extensive knowledge and experience in procurement strategies brought many transformative changes in the industry. Offering high user experience to clients is the mantra of success for Bhawana, thus when clients demand exotic articles, she helped them to explore the progenitors of interior designing in Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, China, and other countries across the world. She, along with her team of designers and procurement specialists, works diligently to interpret each client’s unique needs and aspirations and materialise them with unparalleled solutions. From consultation and budget preparation to logistics, they take care of every important aspect of procuring. This type of background is very unique in the field of design and procurement. It brings together a completely different combination of expertise and talents than normal procurement organisations, which benefits our clients and their projects significantly.

We know how to provide ranges on time and on budget, whether it’s for hotels, luxury houses, or office interiors, and we have in-depth understanding of all the products we offer. This industry insider knowledge enables us to achieve the greatest value for our clients’ budgets and ensures that our projects run smoothly and efficiently. We offer complete turnkey overseas procurement solutions and want our clients to know that when they choose us, we operate to the highest standards and manage every part of the project for them, from initial inventory planning through installation and handover with expertise and ease.

Procurement from all around the world is needed to efficiently address the diverse demands of multiple projects and their distinct requirements at any one moment. High-end furniture, lighting, wall coverings, accessories, antiquities, and other items are regularly imported by us. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in selecting things that provide a luxurious touch to their interiors.