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Sustainability is no longer just a fad; it has become a lifestyle. People are more conscious of the present climate crisis and their environmental influence in the aftermath of the pandemic, having spent more time at home than ever before. Interior designers are being held to a higher standard by the conscious customer. Casa Exotique would like to use this chance to re-define luxury in interior design and contribute to good change. We offer cutting-edge designs and ethical solutions to guarantee that the homes we create are both luxurious and sustainable. 

At Casa Exotique, we don’t just preach, we DO! Our bespoke furniture is sure to add a tinge of elegance to your spaces. Carved out of the finest wood, these pieces are custom made to match the interior spaces of your dreams. However, we believe in truly giving back what we take. Nature’s bounty gives us the opportunity to design spaces with finesse and hence to recompense, we ensure we plant more trees and contribute to making our city greener. 

Because they are devoid of hazardous elements, our high-quality furnishings made of ecological materials improve the living atmosphere. To produce a positive energy footprint, we seek to make our bespoke furniture as sustainable as possible, under socially fair working circumstances.

So if you thinking of contributing to the wellbeing of the environment, start at home, start in your own office and let Casa Exotique help you through it. The luxury décor we design for you will look exuberant and sophisticated without it having to cost the planet. We blend nature into homes, producing biophilic designs, to enhance our clients’ health and well-being. 

We carefully select the perfect plants and flowers for each of our spaces to create a unique experience for the residents. Plants are not only beautiful organic accents in an interior, but they also act as a natural cleaner, feeding us with oxygen and regulating humidity levels, which are critical in places like Gurgaon. Some plants demand minimal water and require little upkeep, making them ideal for homeowners who lead busy lives. At Casa Exotique, we believe in using environmentally friendly items and being conscious of how and where they are sourced without compromising on style. Sustainable home design does not have to mean the loss of aesthetics.