The bedroom is more than just a place to crash for a good night’s sleep.

The bedroom is more than just a place to crash for a good night’s sleep.

Bedroom is the perfect place in the house for shedding all your tiredness and exhaustion and revitalizing your energies. Hence, it is also one of the most important parts of your house. As such, it is important to ensure that it is well-decorated and maintained so that the moment you enter it, you feel rejuvenated and positive.

You can either take the task in your own hands or seek consultation from interior specialist. Given below are some guidelines you can follow to make your bedroom a place of tranquillity and serenity.

Choose calming colours

Instead of picking up flashy and vibrant colours, go for a more subtle colour palette for your bedroom. Hues of blue, lavender or green are widely known to have a calming effect and are therefore a perfect choice for your bedroom.

Don’t forget the ceiling

Ceiling forms the fifth wall in your room and it will be the wall that you will be looking at most of the time while you’re lying down. Paint the ceiling a slightly lighter shade than the other walls and make sure it’s not just a blank, bland space. Stencil effects and wallpapers also look great on a ceiling.

You can also place a floral headboard and hang a canopy over your bed for a royal touch.

Simplicity is the key

Don’t clutter your bedroom. Only keep the essentials and maintain a proper circulation space. Ideally, there should be at least 3 feet of distance between bedside and the walls or other big pieces of furniture. All you’re going to need in terms of furniture in your bedroom is one or two small bedside tables, a couple of chairs and a dresser. If you’re going to place a dresser in your bedroom, make sure to keep it organized.


Pick calming lighting in your bedroom and make sure they aren’t directly in your line of sight when you lay down. It is also advisable to have a dimmer switch for the lights. If you like reading at night or just aren’t comfortable sleeping in a completely dark room, you can place a bedside lamp as well.

Have room for storage

The best thing to do is to have a walk-in closet, but if you don’t have the space for it, make sure your bed has storage space. There is a lot of stuff that you can’t stow away in the attic and can’t display in the front either. You need storage space for this kind of stuff in your bedroom.

Creating a dreamlike bedroom isn’t an impossible task. All you need is a little bit of creativity and a few resources, and you’ll have an impeccable bedroom in no time.

Things you should consider before you build yourself a smart home

What was once a utopian fantasy has now become a reality! Smart Homes aren’t just a part of science fiction anymore; they’re all around us and increasing in numbers every day. Imagine a Television that also serves as wall art; an oven that is voice controlled; an alarm that can wake you up automatically at the right time by monitoring traffic conditions so you’re never late for the office! The future is here and it’s something everyone wants a piece of. There are some things, however, that you should consider before you decide to build your own smart home.

Install a brain first

Smartness begins with a brain – no matter whether it is human or computer. Without having a central system that can serve as an interface between the different devices, you’ll end up with a home that has a myriad of smart devices that aren’t able to communicate with each other properly – thus, you’ll only be able to utilize their potential partially. It is suggested that you should first install a central nervous system of sorts in your home.

Recently, with the emergence of voice command technologies like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit or Samsung SmartThings, this problem has found a very viable solution. So make sure you have one of these or something similar before you start planning other things. Also, you should make sure that the smart devices that you buy are compatible with these technologies.

Cross compatibility

The key thing to remember is that you’re not building a smart home just for the purpose of showing off. Make sure that smart functions are easier access than their dumb counterparts. This is where cross compatibility comes into place.

If the smart devices can interact with each other and with the brain of your smart home, it’ll make your life a whole lot easier. You can then program simple voice commands to get things done. So make sure that whenever you install a new device, it augments your existing system and doesn’t complicate it. There’s no point owning a bunch of smart gadgets that only lead to confusion and chaos.

Cost effectiveness

Cost effectiveness should be the foundation of your planning. Knowing how much you can spend is just as important as knowing what you want. A smart device is costlier than its dumber counterpart and for all the right reasons. If you want smart lights, you shouldn’t go ham and fit the entire house with smart lights – especially if you have budget restraints.

Many smart devices boast about being energy efficient but even if they are every bit as good at conserving energy as they claim, it would still take quite a significant amount of time before you get your money’s worth. So pick and choose areas of your house that you want automated and then proceed accordingly.

Safety and Security

This point relates to the previous one. If you want to spend money, you should know the right direction. Setting up a DIY security system isn’t rocket science and you can probably pull it off. But ask yourself this, can you create the same level of security layer that a security solutions agency can offer you? With everything being WiFi controlled, there’s always a risk of someone trying to snoop in and breach into your private affairs. Therefore, it is best to get in touch with an interior design consultant who knows about these things in depth. They can help you in this regard and help you set up your dream home.

Wildlife themes are wildly in vogue

There is no alternative to raw, natural, and wild beauty of forests, deserts, and oceans which eternally inspires the artists in every age. For creative and artistic minds, wildlife can never be a source of fear or intimidation, but this pristine world abodes abundance of life and winsomeness. That’s why this wild and natural connection of mankind with forests and animals always blesses the artists with some best man-made creations, especially in the interior and décor sector.

Following the wildlife theme, Casa Exotique introduces a collection of decor figurines in 2019. This collection was a tribute to the incredible beauty of wildlife and its exotic animals. Furniture pieces and bookshelves in this collection were procured from around the world to embellish the living spaces with extra edge, style and rage. Made from the bleach plywood, the beautifully carved bookshelves as wild animals were esoteric in design and exoteric in function, and they were painted in truly bold colours such as brown, black, and natural wood. Their spacious tops and large shelves were indeed the best places to accommodate precious books, unique manuscripts, and classic movies.

On the other hand, animal prints on upholstery have always been one of the hottest trends for home decor & furniture, and it’s always synonymous with luxury and class. Today, the educated and outgoing people are no more interested in interior design themes which have become mundane and uninteresting due to excessive repetitions. Their cognitive and discretionary powers had influenced their discerning abilities, and now they follow their hearts to establish their own trends and styles in a very personalised manner.

This gradual shift in ideology is not only influencing their goals and priorities in life but their overall perspective towards life, even the lifestyle. These liberal bohemians don’t only think differently; they also act and represent themselves very differently. This gradual transformation in their living standards can be easily noticed in their wildly elaborated living spaces.

Overseas Procurement is propelling the interior sector

The in-thing propelling the interior design and décor industry to new heights is not the digital transformation, or artificial intelligence (AI), but the escalating trend of procurement among interior stylists and consultants. Today, the world has become a global village where both communication and commutation are getting simpler day after day; businesses want to harness the comparative cost advantage by procuring material from places which have emerged as hub either due to their expertise and craftsmanship, or due to cost control, and many times the availability of both the factors.

Interior design is all about luxury and confluence of art and lifestyle to give every living space its unique and celebrated identity. Through procuring romantic furnishing and décor items from the cradles of creativity, interior design consultants and stylists delight their clients with solutions best suited to their homes, offices, and other commercial places. Form sourcing the high-end furniture from Italy to luxurious and laidback outdoor furniture from Indonesia, indoor plants from Switzerland, wall arts and paintings from Spain and France, lamps from Morocco, and rugs and carpets from Iran and Turkey, procurement can easily convert your living space into a beautiful pantheon of designs and artefacts.

Procurement and Trade Shows

Trade Shows in the design & décor industry, tremendously accelerated procurement activities in the sector. Endorsed by international designers, interior design brands, and buyers, these trade fairs and shows are proven as great procurement platforms in the last few years. They have opened new vistas for established as well as aspiring entrepreneurs to raise their businesses through procurement activities.

Comparative Cost Advantage

Depending upon the needs and preferences of every individual customer / corporate client, a procurement specialist in the interior & décor industry suggests the best market to purchase exotic interior solutions at a price substantially cheaper than the substitutes available on premium e-commerce portals. And, China is heaven for procurement specialists who look for affordable luxury. Moreover, the procurement expert also advises the client to have hands-on experience of the products s/he is willing to own.

Hail to the Creativity

One of the biggest advantages of overseas procurement in the interior & décor is the exchange of creative ideas among the designers and stylists of different origins and background. They interact with each other, express their artistic views, and design innovative solutions after analysing the demands of the end-user. Also, industry players are learning from each other’s experiences and innovations. Artists and craftsmen are getting recognition of their talent and they are getting due rewards for their creativity and hard work. So, procurement activities have opened new growth vistas for established as well as young entrepreneurs in the interior and décor industry. In collaboration with their foreign counterparts, they are able to accomplish their projects in the stipulated time and budget.

A Comprehensive Process

Procurement is not restricted to buying interior solutions from the service providers based out of the country, but it is a comprehensive process which offers exceptional user experience right from the stage of the process, i.e., need sharing to final delivery of the products and their installation as per the design scheme prepared by a dedicated team of procurement specialists. Therefore, from consultation to tour management, and budget preparation to logistics, the team of procurement experts takes care of even the minutest aspect of overseas procurement in the interior and décor industry.

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