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Living Room Decoration Ideas

10 Living Room Decoration Ideas Every Homeowner Should Know

Living rooms are the face of your home where you spend most of your day and feel the most connected every time. Of course, this needs to look splendid but it has to have space, functionality and timeless designs. This is the highly used space, where all your family come together to spend time and relax, so it should have that relaxing and rejuvenating vibe which refreshes the mind and cheers up the mood every time. 


We are presenting the living room décor ideas which you are going to love. Adopt any of these ideas and get the magnificent look to your home that it deserves. Take a look at some flawless ideas- 

Paint the ceiling

Kick out the old trend of keeping the ceiling white or flat. Experiment with a colorful ceiling and add some charm to your living room. The warm colors and contrast with furniture will fit perfectly into your living room. 

Shift from neutrals

There is no doubt that neutrals will never go out of fashion but it’s time to choose something different and create your own neutrals. Choose the colours you like rather than continuing what you have been seeing.

Play with Colours

Start experimenting with different colour combinations and create a new pallet of your choice. Set colours according to the furniture or curtains or other décor items. Welcome those ideas which you had in your mind. Just let the flow begin!


Indoor Plants

The widely adapted living room décor idea which suits both classic and modern living room design is indoor plantation. The cute little plants which you can place anywhere in your home are quite in a trend. If you have extra space then you can use those big plants too. 


Swap high back seating with day beds

The low-back settee or day bed will have more seating than regular high-back big chairs. You can place it anywhere, near the window, or in your living room to get better visibility around the room. High back suits best where you have a big hall or ample space. 

Experiment with Fabric

Different fabrics give different appearances, so let’s turn the table and use those fabrics which you have never thought of using for your couch or carpets. Go with something printed and bright, you can buy couch covers, those are changeable and washable too, so that will be a great idea. 

Bold your Throw Pillows

The small thing makes big changes just like our throw pillow will change the look of your living room. Subtle walls, light couches and printed cushions will look just amazing. Choose some patterns and mix and matches those lines тактичні рукавиці. You will love the living room interior designs and it’s the pocket-friendly idea of making some changes.


Texture on Walls

Wall texture has been in the market for a long time now but people still choose those monochromatic walls мультитул. Experimenting with wall texture will be a good change for your eyes, just apply light-coloured, soothing lines and patterns to change the overall look. If not on full-lengths, you can use this idea for the upper half of the walls, and use a contrast colour for the lower half.


Subtle Carpets

Trends will come and go but one thing is going to remain constant and that is our love for subtle carpets.  The vibrant couches or texture walls are the perfect fit with creme or brown-coloured carpets. Infact, you can opt for the all-neutral look for your living room фонарь аккумуляторный. Make sure to create a combination of furniture and wall colours. 

A Gallery Wall Idea

The Evergreen Idea! I don’t really think that this idea will go out of style ever and ever. The images will change, and frames will change too, but a wall gallery is the best. Take all your important memories with precious people and present that on your living room wall купить кастрюлю. That is the cutest décor for the living room, I would say. 


You will get many designs and many designers, but there is one thing that will make everyone different. There are innumerable ideas to upgrade your living room, so contact Bhawana Bhatnagar, the owner of casa exotique, who has a deep sense of understanding of shapes, designs, patterns and colours плед. Your words will be our design, so get that magnificent living room design and contact us now!