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The art of artistically placing the art

Do you know why some names like Leonardo Ds Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, M. F. Husain, and Raffaello Sanzio spontaneously strikes on our mind whenever we think about art and paintings? The answer is simple – they are the creators of immortal art pieces which are unique, age-less, and intriguing to human creativity. Similarly, when the work of these legendary artists and painters is installed on the walls of your home, it also becomes eternally beautiful.
But, placing the art is also an art which requires a great installation sense and lots of creativity. So, below are some useful tips to perfectly place and position paintings and sketches.
For the living room
Choosing the right artwork for the living room is a task as it must match the vibes of the entire house. A large-scale piece or a gallery wall is a good choice. An artwork needs not to be painting but it could also be a large-scale replica of stag horns and also 3D images that can give a chill vibe to the living room.
For the kitchen
One of the most important places of any house is the kitchen and, in most cases, it is the most neglected place. To make the kitchen more appealing, incorporate artworks in countertops or spaces above cabinets where it could be placed. Choose smaller pieces that could complement the space. The best option would be to use funny or social prints that make you smile and start your morning fresh.
For the bedroom :
Abstract pieces with soothing colors or tones are the best bet for bedrooms. Hang artworks opposite to the bed which allows for maximum viewing. Opt for bigger pieces or those that could be hung at the eye level. One can also choose framed works of famous photographers or landscape paintings. Frames of the artworks should be minimal — a gallery frame or canvases are good choices.
For the bathroom :
Many people neglect the bathroom, but artwork could also be used here. Why not opt for fun and bright pieces, or serene or calming pieces? The artworks here would look good in pairs, and one can set them as stacked or side-by-side. Flipped art pieces can also be used. These can be placed over the toilet or bathtub or over the towel hooks.
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