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New Way To Enter Into Interior Styling

Therefore, from consultation to tour management, and budget preparation to logistics, the team of procurement experts takes care of even the minutest aspect of overseas procurement in the interior and décor industry.
One of the biggest advantages of overseas procurement in interior & décor space is the exchange of creative ideas among the designers and stylists of different origins and background
Bhawana belongs to a niche group of entrepreneurs in the design industry. She has a passion for interior designing and decoration, and is blessed with the ability to instill beauty and vivaciousness in others’ lives.
Each year, interior designers, interior design brands, and buyers from all parts of the world visit Mumbai to participate in the Index Trade Fair. Similar events also take place in Dubai and other prominent cities across the globe to bridge the gap between international furnishing & décor brands and their potential buyers and this has opened a new vista for established as well as aspiring entrepreneurs to raise their businesses through procurement activities.
Merits of Globalization
Globalization emerged as the boon for the industry where customers are blessed with a plethora of choices and design consultants have better options to procure bespoke products at competitive prices. Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Turkey, and Morocco are the favourite overseas procurement destinations for Indian designers and interior stylists, but it is China which offers the best value for money to majority of procurement specialists.
High Feasibility
Depending upon the needs and preferences of every individual customer/corporate client, a procurement specialist in the interior & décor industry suggests the best market to purchase exotic interior solutions at a price substantially cheaper than the substitutes available on premium e-Commerce portals. Moreover, the procurement expert also advises the client to have hands-on experience of the products he/she is willing to own.
A Thorough Process
Procurement is not restricted to buying interior solutions from the service providers based out of the country, but it is a comprehensive process which offers exceptional user experience right from the stage of the process, i.e., need sharing to final delivery of the products and their installation as per the design scheme prepared by a dedicated team of procurement specialists.
Pervading Creativity
One of the biggest advantages of overseas procurement in interior & décor space is the exchange of creative ideas among the designers and stylists of different origins and background. They interact with each other, express their artistic views, and design innovative solutions after analyzing the demands of the end-user. Also, industry players are learning from each other’s experiences and innovations. Artists and craftsmen are getting recognition of their talent and they are getting due rewards for their creativity and hard work. So, procurement activities have opened new growth vistas for established as well as young entrepreneurs in the interior and décor industry. In collaboration with their foreign counterparts, they are able to accomplish their projects in the stipulated time and budget.
Better Logistics
Logistics plays an important role in overseas procurement projects and the rising number of joint-projects between Indian and foreign entities are giving them a competitive edge. Safe and secure delivery of the products from source to destination in the least possible time is allowing them to confer their customers with desired solutions at the desired price. Hereby, customers are rejoicing the quality products of international standards and their pleasant experience is encouraging the industry players to fruitfully exploit the emerging opportunities in the domestic as well as international markets.
Way Forward
The net worth of India’s interior design industry is more than Rs.20, 000 crore and it is growing annually at 8 percent (CAGR). People’s per capita income is improving significantly and those who belong to the affluent class are spending more on luxury and comfort. Amidst this transition, a new breed of interior designers/stylists is catering to the target market with unconventional practices. All in all, the changing industry scenario augurs that there is a great future for Indian overseas procurement specialists as the demand for imported solutions is increasing phenomenally among the high net-worth individuals (HNIs) and VIPs.