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6 Design Tips for an Invigorating Indoor & Outdoor Space

In the modern era, a home is more than a simple space to live. It is a place to shell out stress, improve productivity and embrace positive vibes. Every home is a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces and a correct balance and connection between the two is the ideal way to enhance a shelter. For this reason, people look to add some life, inspiration and energy to their home with appealing designs, to maintain an indoor/outdoor flow and create captivating interiors that reflect positivity and strength. This gives a sense of rejuvenation to the people living in it and improves the environment of a home. 

Here we have curated the best ways to invigorate an indoor/outdoor space that feels full of life and energy.

1. Establish a straight connection

Since a home has a beautiful interior and exterior, it will have some kind of door or passage that connects the two. There will be a backdoor, front door or any private entrance between the two. It is important to keep this way easy to access for guests and the people residing in a home. A straight connection between them creates pleasurable and positive energy. It is important to clear the obstacles on the path that connects the indoors and outdoors. So, it’s vital to design the decor and furniture on the patio carefully, leaving ample space for one to explore the outdoor space.

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2. Add more windows

Windows are an attractive part of a home that connects it to the outside world and makes it more than an enclosed space. Also, it’s the perfect complement to a door that maintains the connection of an indoor/outdoor space. An idea to introduce a few window cuts for some good big windows will bring more outdoor views into the home making it livelier.

3. Introduce furniture

You might plan to have a plain outdoor space but that won’t help to utilize the space more. Whereas, you can use your outdoor space as a room without walls to spend some recreational or relaxing time with your family. This will make it a more special and significant part of a home. As per the purpose of the outdoor space, you can bring useful furniture and improve the functionality of the space. But, make sure not to make it crowded and maintain an easy flow in it. It can even be turned into a kitchen garden, kid’s play area or party space making it an essential part of the home rather than a plain backyard.

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4. Introduce a partial shelter

When the weather becomes rainy or too hot, it becomes difficult to stay in the outdoor space. Even the furniture is not safe in it and has to be moved again and again. To tackle this problem, you can introduce a partial or temporary shelter to deal with the weather and make the outdoor space accessible all the time. Also, it will give an amazing experience of enjoying the rain or Stormy weather to the fullest.

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5. Add water features

There are chances that the home might already have a water feature. If not, you can get a water feature added to make the outdoor space a significant part of a home and the best place for the kids. A water feature lightens up an outdoor space and makes a home more exotic, lively and luxurious. It should be strategically placed so that it doesn’t make it a blockage to roam through the patio.

6. Go for an outdoor living room

It is common for people to play, relax or eat outside.  But, another way to make the outdoors more functional is by turning it into an outdoor living room. When you will be close to nature, it helps to ease depression, stress and mental fatigue improving the mood of the people. The guests can be made to sit here, one can read or book at the corner or even have dinner together at this part of the home making it more functional and useful. But, it is important to add some walls, curtains or other kinds of fences to make the space private to relax.


A more lively and functional outdoor space that has an indoor connection makes the home more spacious and luxurious. It enhances the overall atmosphere of a home and brings good energy. This mix of closed and open energy brings good light and positive vibes that make a home an ideal space to live. It even complements the aesthetically beautiful designs of the home making every corner special.

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