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How To Make Your Living Room Look Better?

Every space in a home is special but when it comes to interior designing, the living room is one place that needs careful planning as it has to be both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Whenever someone enters a home, the first thing they spot is the living room where people welcome and entertain guests or spend some time as a family. For this reason, it should reflect the family owners’ personality and preferences. 

A living room is a versatile space as well as has the biggest space share in a home which makes it challenging to design. It is a mix of a formal area for guests and a personal space to relax on weekends. Also, it has expensive furniture, more seating, bookshelves or tables with unique decorative pieces that make it important to have the best designs. 

Here, we have curated the best ways to make your living room look aesthetically pleasing and all the better. 

Get a Custom Window

A big window can be the best way to brighten up the living room and make it all the more desirable and classier. It is a popular idea to get a big wall-size custom window with luxurious curtains that fits it perfectly making way for natural light into the home. At the same time, a pleasant view from the window in the living room makes it more meaningful and elegant. It can be a worthy investment with a lavish feel. Also, the custom window can make the living room look more spacious and clutter-free.  

Vouch for simplicity

Simplicity might sound weird but it is more impactful than going for complex designs. An luxury interior designer in Gurgaon can perfectly execute a simple yet creative design that expresses luxury. A cluttered home with multiple accessories can give a messy and undesirable look.  But a simple design can be stylish, sophisticated and more meaningful. Instead of keeping every beautiful accessory, only the significant ones can be kept with some special emotional value. It will let those few items take the shine rather than dividing it among all. The Living Room should reflect an owner’s choice. So, it’s necessary to make a more organized and carefully laid out design plan before proceeding.

Include contrast

A perfect interior can be a blending of something light and dark with some contrasting neutral hues. This mix gives a welcoming feeling and aesthetically pleasing designs. For instance, going for grey-blue cabinets and caramel-colored sofa sets and light walls. These contrasting colours highlight the undertones and give a rich look. Also, it reflects the precise use of colour, pattern and texture. It helps to define the finishes of different surfaces and highlights the defined parts of a living area.

Add some wood

The use of texture in a living room is a must for an elegant touch.  For this reason, the idea to add some wooden texture can give a warm and rich feel. You can add wood in multiple ways like a wooden shelf, wooden floor, side table, picture frames or a wooden cabinet.  But, it is important to make sure that the use of wood does not become exaggerated making it all look cluttered and crowded.

Choose layered lighting

Lighting is an important part of a living room and yet it’s often ignored to enhance a space. The use of multiple light sources can add depth and improve the lighting. But, it is important to make sure that the lighting does not become crowded and problematic. So, it’s important to decide on a layout for lights including lamps, pendant lights, tube lights or hanging lights. It can give a rich and natural tone to the living room making the decoration pieces shine.

Try out some metallics

The idea of using a touch of metal cannot be wrong. It gives a luxurious and retro feel. There can be different ways to add Metallics like a metallic clock, wall, metallic paint, decorative pieces or metallic lights to give a fancy and top-notch look. It might give an excessive look, so it’s necessary to add only a little touch of metal to highlight it. This adds a glamorous Quotient and a lavish look to the living room.

The living room is arguably a significant part of a home that can’t be overlooked. This social hub of the house deserves the best designs and a comforting style to unwind the tiredness and stress to spend some cosy moments. 

At the same time, it reflects the styling of the home and it should get the best look. For the perfect interiors, Casa Exotique led by Bhawana Bhatnagar, is a renowned luxury Interior design in Gurgaon that understands the needs of its clients and creates the most eye-pleasing, captivating and elegant designs for their clients.