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Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity – A winning combo

According to Jeff Lincoln, a third-generation interior designer based in New York City, “The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home.” This simple yet powerful definition of ultimate home luxury is possible in every living space with the right medley of artificial intelligence (AI) and human creativity.
It is true that creativity is not dependent on technology, but when they work in harmony, they deliver excellence beyond imaginations. Young and tech-savvy interior designers and stylists are well-versed with the advantages of AI and IoT and how helpful they are in making a place beautiful as well as functional. And, environment-conscious people who love to adopt green buildings, use AI to ensure sustainability and comfort in their dream places.
From sensors in curtains to save electricity to smart focus lights, AI is very useful to contemporary interior stylists. Instead of using led bulbs of different voltages in the living room, they prefer smart lights which illuminate a space inside the house as per timing and need. Similarly, curtains get wrapped and unfold as per the visibility inside the room. Besides, seamless sync between the majority of equipment and gadgets in the house and their quick response on the instruction of a household with no limitation about his/her presence inside the premises make the new-age homes greatly energy-efficient as well as comfortable.
These days, a myriad of AI tools are available in the market to facilitate their creative projects. There are various interior designing apps which can be downloaded easily on their laptops and smartphones. Many such apps are very helpful in designing bespoke furniture of one’s home or office, besides; there are also apps that connect the designers/stylists with domestic as well international vendors to procure the best materials at the best prices. Moreover, before procuring the furniture and décor items, one can also experience in advance the interior of the room using 3D virtual room view from different corners of the room.
The more advanced design tools are the amalgamation of AI, deep-Learning, and image-processing. As they work on advanced algorithms, they automatically suggest various themes and design options to interior stylists after scanning the details of the selected area. One just needs to click the picture of the particular space, fill the questionnaire with appropriate details, and choose a theme; the app will give so many options and using these printouts, they can be customized as per the feedbacks of the clients.