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Antique Heirlooms for a romantic milieu

Every past leaves behind some precious memories; some unforgettable moments and some priceless objects. And, decorating the home with the timeless furniture, paintings and artifacts make a living space irresistibly indulging in the time where technology has become a bland reality in every sphere of life. Then, from the periscope of the panoramic exotica, having a tryst with the elegance and grandeur of the past is certainly an ultimate way to assimilate sheer luxury in one’s lifestyle. Below are some interesting and practically cool methods to animate your space with flashback (heirloom) décor solutions.
Add a dash of antiques :
The most direct way of using antiques is to go full retro. If you have plenty of antique items, you can group them together and keep the serenity of the past alive in the corner of your modern room. If you’re taking the minimalist approach, an old sofa, some old photographs and a retro style lamp can do the job.
The assorting beauty :
Items that are small in size may create clutter if they’re thoughtlessly scattered around the room. The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to group them together at a single spot. An old wooden table or a wooden bar is the best place to display your collection of small antiques.
Small objects picked up over travels, received as gifts or bought from artists, aptly reflect your tastes and make for interesting conversation starters.
Have some space for heirlooms :
The wonderful thing about heirlooms is that you can use them for a purpose they weren’t initially designed for and they somehow, still look great. An old drinking vessel, for example, can be used as a flower vase. An ebony barstool can be revamped to house your collection of antiques. Indeed, the most sui generis furniture and prosaic of late 19th-century or pre-independence era are the legacies of grandparents which add sublime authenticity and character to the home. In fact, arranging heirloom pieces in one place without creating cluttering or visual chaos, like a traditional console table holding various exotic bibelots, which grabs the interest of passerby. Framing the interior with a family’s old brown furniture, antique silver cups, or random oddments give a touch of the time that impresses every visitor entering there. All you need is a pinch of creativity and the job is done.
Play with colors :
This one is especially for the cutlery. It often happens that some piece from a set goes missing. Consequently, you end up with a number of incomplete sets. In such a case, you need to step out of the compulsion to be matchy-matchy and group what you have by colour. This way, you can combine pieces from different sets to create your own unique set.
Restore and relive :
Many people are sentimental about their heirlooms and want to keep them as they are. But if your precious heirlooms are sitting in the dark attic, collecting dust and rust, wouldn’t it be better to restore them and put them out in the light?
Even the simple act of painting can breed new life into the intricately carved, handcrafted antiques. They can then be boldly displayed out in the open, adding class and comfortable nostalgia to your home.