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Restaurant Design in gurgaon

9 Restaurant Design & Decor Ideas to Inspire You in 2022

Present an exquisite dining experience to your guests and cater for them with more than just food. Let your guests indulge more than just taste buds whenever they visit your place. Devour the scene with the glamour of interior design and décor of your place. Building the brand reputation is a one-time thing, and then your brand name will get you, clients, so be vigilant toward what you are serving to the guests.

Create a powerful first impression by catching all the attention with stunning designs. But sometimes it is hard to decide between trends. You need to understand consumer behaviour patterns and needs in the market. It helps in strategizing an unbeatable entry into the market. The interior designers are pro at doing so. Here are some restaurant design and décor ideas to inspire you in 2022.

Play with Lights

Lighting plays a vital role in decorating your place. Good lighting is just enough to brighten the place. Smart placement of lights can make or break the day. Install the lights in such a way that you can adjust them according to the mood or place. You need these adjustable lights in your restaurant, it’s real magic.  

Highlight ceiling

Bold ceiling and ceiling designs are the talks of the town so why not try this idea for your place. Use either bright colours, or hang something catchy on your ceiling to catch the attention of your guests. Just change the texture and colour, and you will be done to rock.

Pick a Theme

Theme-based décor is trendy, people love to visit a place connected to their favourite thing. For instance, choosing a movie-based theme or a popular series will attract more people and no promotion will be needed, just word of mouth is enough. Harry Potter, Friends or any popular movie will do the work.

Keep it minimal

Less is more- subtle designs and minimal décor can never go out. There will always be people who are going to love simplicity. Many restaurants are opting for soothing colours and simplified furniture for a relaxing and cool vibe. Light colours and pastels colours will do wonders to your place. So, keep your colour palette ready.

Picturesque Place

In recent times, a picture-perfect place has served more guests than any other restaurant. People post every second of their life on social media, so if you will have an instagrammable or picturesque place, it will get promoted automatically. Use frames, floral walls, bold letters or boards where customers can write penny of their thoughts to grab the attention.

Go green

The indoor plantation is not popular yet, so if you choose this idea, your restaurant décor is going to look unique for sure. The plants will keep the place cool, relieve stress and uplift the mood and it is a great idea for restaurant décor. You don’t need to keep all types of plants; some plants are made in a way to keep them indoors. Make a move to adapt this environment-friendly idea now.

Something funky

Colours affect the buying decision and improve brand awareness more than any other way. Vibrant colours, patterns, and designs on walls, roofs, floors or tables are getting quite popular lately. People remember you from the interior you do. They don’t remember names; they remember the feeling they got at your place.

Display Local Art

Give a chance to local artists to show their skills at your place. Using local artists’ work, graffiti, and paintings will be unique and they will also get a chance to showcase their skills for their place. Street artists require a platform to showcase their skills and hence your place would be great for that. It will spark up a conversation between our clients too.

Vintage Feel

Old is gold, it is a very popular saying and it is true too. Vintage is back in the town with a new concept of adding modernity to antiqueness. People are going crazy over bringing the vintage to their lives. Adding a stereo, a bicycle or using old designs in a way that looks fresh to the audience. You need to have clarity of which concept to pick or which do not.


Restaurant décor is not easy as it feels, in fact; it is way more complicated than any other interior decor. A design connects to people; it creates a brand image and talks to the people sitting there. The lights, patterns, textures, and style creates a vibe. Vibe affects mood, so directly or indirectly it is significant to have an appealing interior design for your place. Look into these ideas, or contact bhawana bhatnagar of casa exotique best luxury interior designers in Gurgaon to get trendy and fresh ideas. She will wrap your head around the designs so you don’t need to worry.