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10 Mistakes Designers Wish You Would Stop Making in Your kitchen

Irrespective of the size and kind of your home, it is incomplete without a kitchen which is the  busiest part of a home. It can be a small kitchen, an open kitchen, an island kitchen or a  multiple-counter kitchen. There are numerous ways to plan, design and equip the kitchen.  Earlier the kitchens used to be rooms with essentials in a corner, but in the modern era, it has  a bigger purpose and enhances the lifestyle of a person. It won’t be wrong to say that it has  become a modern gathering space as friends and family members often come up here to  discuss things and cook together. So, the kitchen isn’t only a place with ingredients and tools  to prepare meals, rather it has become an important place for communication and storage  which emphasizes the need for good designs and interiors for a kitchen. Many people feel  that they can design their kitchen themselves and without proper knowledge end up making  mistakes. 

Here, we have listed the 10 mistakes Designers wish that people would stop making in designing their kitchen:

1. A wrong paint

It is important to understand that colour plays a key role in interiors and selecting a proper colour scheme is important for a kitchen. The wrong colour paint in the kitchen can make it dull and unattractive. For this reason, it is important to use the right and glorious shades with a perfect finish. Even a mismatch of the paint with other interiors can take away its charm

2. No Budget

When people design their home themselves, they end up working without  a budget or pre-decided amount of money. This can make them end up making additional  expenses that could have been avoided. So, it’s necessary to decide and plan a budget by  deciding on a specific amount of money for different purposes. Also, it’s important to strictly  follow and stick to it.

3. Improper layout

It is a common mistake that people often go ahead with the interior design work without making a planned layout. They prefer to make things as they want but ignore  the need to make a layout for a smooth functioning kitchen. Whether a kitchen is big or small,  it is necessary to keep a triangle of the gas stove, sink and refrigerator for easy functioning  and to prevent a cluttered kitchen. Things that are used frequently should be placed closer  than the things used less frequently. Also, more counters should be created as per the  frequency and load of work in the kitchen. This layout planning will make things organised,  clean and elegant.

4. Fewer Storage Alternatives

Storage is an important element of a kitchen. People often fail to  understand the extent of storage required in a kitchen and having multiple cabinets is not  sufficient. To maintain the neatness and organisation of a kitchen, it is important to allow  multiple spaces with cabinets like drawers, stands, pantry pull-outs, corner shelves etc. It is  important to keep different items like cups, mugs and other appliances that are understood  better by professional interior designers.

5. Overcrowding spaces

Everyone wants to have a clean kitchen but people end up adding multiple elements making it crowded. It is vital to know that every kitchen, whether a basic kitchen or a luxury gourmet kitchen, needs ample space to avoid overcrowding. People often ignore such needs while designing their kitchen and end up in a cluttered disorganised kitchen. While a professional interior designer can precisely design a kitchen and yet maintain its spaciousness.

6. Improper lighting

Every corner in a home including the kitchen needs proper lighting to retain  its charm. But people end up ignoring the need for good lighting. Also, sometimes they end up  with poor lighting in a quest to use fancy or unique lights. Since kitchen space is significant,  lighting plays a key role that helps while working in it, improves its appearance and gives  positive energy to it.

7. Impractical Electronic Outlets

Electronic appliances have an important role in the kitchen. So,  there need to be multiple electrical outlets for toasters, ovens, mixers, juicers etc. People place  the electronic outlets as per space and design needs. However, it is important to place the  electronic outlets practically to ensure smooth functioning in the kitchen.

8. Narrow countertops

A kitchen countertop is an important place where cooking, chopping,  mixing or placing is done on it. So, not having enough counter space can be a mistake that can  hamper the working of the kitchen in the future, making it more difficult. Despite good  storage, designs, and organisation you need to have enough countertop space and scope to  add additional space when required.

9. Ignoring ventilation

The kitchen includes the use of various heating components. Also,  cooking gives a strong odour that makes ventilation important. So, it’s important to establish  a proper ventilation system and not paying attention to this aspect is a big mistake. It is  essential to maintain a good flow of air that keeps the atmosphere fresh and clean.

10. Not involving professionals

People easily get tempted to the DIY formula and end up making  multiple mistakes that are costly and hamper the design of a kitchen. So, taking the benefits  from the experience and expertise of a professional is the best way to get a smooth  functioning, aesthetically beautiful and organised kitchen.

These common mistakes that people make while designing a kitchen can take away its charm and  beauty. The best way to avoid these mistakes is to hire a professional. Casa Exotique is a  renowned interior design Company in Gurgaon where professionals bring you the best-designed kitchen as per your  style and budget.