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Luxury Interior Design India

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Casa Exotique as an enterprise has come to embody luxury and timeless style. With a cadre of exemplary professionals, Casa Exotique manifests your vision of the inimitable living space. Led by Bhawna Bhatnagar, a Renaissance Woman and style savant, Casa Exotique is a melange of unique yet functional interior solutions for those with refined tastes. In a word, Casa Exotique is eclectic. It takes inspiration from cultures all over the world to create interiors that reflect a harmonious blend of diverse styles. Luxury Interior design company in Gurgaon is nothing less than a symphony, with each element reflecting a note that goes perfectly with the others. The interior design goes beyond aesthetics.

Luxury Interior Design India

It is also about ascertaining the unsaid needs and desires of each client, gauging their personalities in order to tailor each and every detail of the design to the client’s aspirations. Luxury Interior Design’s in Gurgaon  essence lies in giving life to the hopes and dreams of people and creating a meaningful environment where they can thrive. It rests on more than just trends and fashion, it is the very foundation of the art of living. The best interior design walks a fine line, It is both timeless and grounded and combines form and function into an effortless medley that inspires. It is not about creating beautiful pictures that look good in magazines, it’s about creating a space that nourishes the soul and comforts the mind. 


Bhawana Bhatnagar

Bhawana Bhatnagar, the Founder of Casa Exotique is a woman fuelled by her passion for style and spaces. She is known for always pursuing her ideas and turning them into celebrated works of art. Bhawana belongs to a niche group of interior designers in Gurgaon and has honed her creative skills by working on a number of magnum opus projects in Gurgaon and abroad. The projects accomplished by her speak volumes about her passion for interior décor.

Having garnered the praise and appreciation of many distinguished personalities & corporate clients for her ingenious designs. The masterpieces she has designed in Casa Exotique’s atelier become cynosures in various national & international exhibitions. She is also credited for the resurgence of Nordic designs in the world of interiors & décor.
Bhawana’s extensive knowledge and experience in procurement strategies brought many transformative changes in the industry. Offering high user experience to clients is the mantra of success for Bhawana, thus when clients demand something exotic, she helps them explore the progenitors of interior designing in Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco and other countries across the world blending them like a Mozart symphony. She, along with her team of designers and procurement specialists, work diligently to interpret each client’s unique needs and aspirations and materialise them with unparalleled solutions.
Bhawana Bhatnagar
Bhawana’s designs strive to combine the tranquilly of raw and rustic living with the bustle of modern cities. As an  International Business Management professional, bhawana successfully advise Casa Exotique’s customers with their worldwide procurement needs, and also being a Lean Six Sigma professional she ensures that the project is impeccably planned. She is an artist who produces intriguing pieces of art for interiors. Her passion for design leads her to devote a significant portion of her day to learning about new design trends and their roots.
But when Bhawana isn’t being a magician with material, she has a sharp business mind – which understands people, and balance sheets! The young and ebullient businesswoman has a decade of expertise in the interior design field, which she attributes to her ability to analyze her customers’ particular demands. She is a staunch believer of integrating functionality and aesthetics in her creations. Her desire to beautify spaces extends beyond just integrating shapes, colours, and forms in a pleasing manner; it also entails striving for a vision that exudes elegance and sheer luxury.
Her designs and renderings show her affinity for music, art, and literature. Many national prizes were bestowed to the thespian for her outstanding theatrical performances. Casa Exotique, which has become renowned with superbly designed and manufactured items, has taken on a global attitude as a result of her efforts.

From a rural childhood to a global citizen today – Bhawana has spanned the world absorbing the intricacies, vibes and colors of rural Gurgaon – and the buzz and electrifying pace of the cities. Like no other, she blends the calmness of the rural, with the intensity of the urban. She believes she creates art – that people live or work in. Art that draws people into their fold – while they live their lives.

A magician, a musician with materials. That’s Bhawana Bhatnagar. 

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From conceptualisation to design development and procurement to installation, Casa Exotique Luxury Interior Design Company in Gurgaon has a team of experts in all areas of interior styling and decor. So, whether it is the residential or commercial project, we have a penchant for transforming your milieu into the epitome of splendiferous luxury.

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